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    At Asset Management Advisors, we take a comprehensive approach to wealth management.  We recognize that achieving financial success is not just about good investment performance; it also involves asset preservation, tax and expense management, cash flow planning, estate planning, and charitable giving.

    We work with you to:  

    • Establish financial decision-making criteria based on your specific financial and life goals rather than on events in the markets or economy. Having a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve simplifies the financial decision-making process and makes it easier to maintain discipline in both good and bad markets. 

    • Assemble and coordinate your “team of experts,” including other financial services professionals such as CPAs and estate attorneys. 

    • Control the things we can control:  taxes, expenses, and risk.  While we cannot predict changes in the tax code, we can take steps to reduce the taxes you pay by using a variety of wealth management techniques, such as tax-efficient investment vehicles and strategic asset location strategies. We construct client-tailored solutions which take into account both your financial and your tax situation, with emphasis on appropriate risk levels and total portfolio expenses. 

    • “Put money in its place” by helping you organize and simplify your entire financial life, so that you can focus on the business of living and enjoying your wealth.